We are inspired by our surroundings; the sea and the nature of modern urban life. Each piece begins with only naturally vegetable tanned leather.

Leather is a living, natural material that looks and feels better with use. A patina develops over time that is unique to each individual product. We source the finest cow hides from European tanneries. Each hide has a unique structure, which depends not only on the size and shape of the animal but also what it encountered in life. By looking carefully at the leather of your RAGE® products, you may see small traces of the animal's history.

The tanning process transforms raw hides into leather. We select leather from producers who utilize vegetable tanning, a well-tested method involving bark and water. The process of vegetable tanning takes some time and is a bit more expensive but the result is kind to our environment and people.

Vegetable tanning causes the leather to wear and age beautifully. This is why our RAGE® products become better looking and feeling with time. Your belt, bracelet, phone case or card holder displays markings of your personal history the longer you use it. So wear your leather products close to you, and wear them with love!